MCB 4x4 Custom Roof Racks

We fabricate all our roofracks ourselves in our own premises in West Yorkshire near Huddersfield.

Friendly customer service. You can describe what you want, over the phone, to the person who actually makes your roofrack, get some friendly advice on what you're asking for and then it's made, by hand, in the old industrial heartland of Britain. These are not Chinese imports - these roof racks will outlast your vehicle.

Does that mean they are big old heavy roof racks? Quite the opposite - lightness, windnoise, modern good looks are all an important part of our roof racks and as important as the real strength proven in everyday use by our customers.

The process,design and materials we use today are the result of evolving our approach over 6 years. Customer feedback has always been used to continually improve the basic design and we can advise you on your own requirements and ideas.

We will build one-off racks for businesses that need to carry special equipment from a simple ladder roller to whatever complex load carrying requirement you may have.

We have built racks for many different vehicles, including Land Rover series, Defender 90, Defender 110, Land Rover Discovery, Toyota Landcruiser and recently a Suzuki Jimny.

Any colour as long as it's black? We can match your paint. If you've got a white land rover, we can make you a white roofrack for it.

Have a look at the technical information as well - or just give us a call.
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