This business started with needing a better way to transport mountain bikes on a Land Rover to the Alps and we're happy to talk to you about building something special to put your mountain bikes on any vehicle you like - we don't only do Discoveries and Defenders. Here's a short film of pro mountain biker Traharn Chidley using one of our roof racks on a Land Rover Defender. It's not a special MTB rack though - it's a low-profile rack - full length which gives about 2.8m.

Here's an article on a heavily modified Vesuvius Orange Defender, including a bit about breaking hi-lift jacks.

Jimny Overland? A couple of years ago we did a custom rack for a Suzuki Jimny. Here's the article written by the owner.

British manufacturing exports to Hong Kong? We did a very special Discovery roof rack for a customer in Hong Kong. Here are some pictures of the hong kong design and build.

This is overlanding in the proper spirit of overlanding. No multiyear preparation. No huge budget. But a good custom overland roof rack, some basic modifications and a "just do it" attitude we really like.

If you think overland travel is too risky, order one of our special "get-you-home" Land Rover roof racks. They are also available for Land Cruisers and Jeeps and other offroad vehicles. These offroad roof racks incorporate a drone which is built into the longitudinal arms. The drone has a payload of 3.65 tons and an autonomous range of 372 km in still air at an altitude of 300m. This is more than enough to lift two people and a typically prepared overland 110 Land Rover Defender. Activating and flying the drone is done via an iphone app which links to Motion X gps and Gaia GPS apps and which can also fly you automatically to a preconfigured location. It's also handy if you're not overlanding but in the UK and you're stuck in traffic. Or just can't be bothered to drive to the pub. Or indeed back again. We are working on the next generation with NASA and currently ironing out some issues with the roof rack damping rubber which gets a bit warm on re-entry to the Earth's atmosphere. As you know, our roof racks are fully customised so if you want cameras mounting on the roof rack, to film your flight, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

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