MCB 4x4 Custom Roof Rack Technical Information

We have been compiling a library of build information which allows us to make some interesting direct comparisons between our steel roofracks and roofracks made of aluminium.

Because the racks are custom built, they are all different and so simply quoting a weight for a rack isn't meaningful without some context or reference points. We are in the process of putting together this meaningful data from the raw weight and build information that we have.

In the meantime, we will discuss the rack weight with you when you order your rack.

More specific questions like "what's the sensible max weight for a Jimny rack?" or "how much will my custom Defender roofrack weigh?" can all be answered as part of the normal ordering process.

We've refined and modified the roof rack fixing systems several times over the years as the long-term feedback comes in and we keep trying to improve the design. We thought the design was good years ago and we think it's even better now. When Stirling Moss was talking to Lewis Hamilton, Lewis asked him how fast one of his cars went. About 170 he said. Sounds pretty quick to us. And the refinement goes on. It's all the little things adding up to the complete package.
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